A more modern approach to money

Our system is based on the latest 5th generation blockchain ecosystem, a decentralized system that offers ample opportunities for performing any transactions and the best protection for your assets today.

Secure Network

Fast Transactions

Almost Zero Fees

Decentralized System

Your money. Your way.

Thus, to enjoy the benefits of digital money, you just need to register and exchange money for stable coins in your account. After that, you can:

Transact with Currency

Store, send, and receive funds in the form of stable-coins.

Reduce Volatility

Get access to the infrastructure of the Relictum ecosystem and enjoy all its benefits.

Fund Your Account

Deposit and withdraw funds quickly and easily.

Send to Others

Transfer stable digital currency between other Relictum enabled wallets and exchanges.

Spend cash on a blockchain

Secure wallets makes it easy for you to transact with digital currency, with Blockchain benefits.

  • Full transparency of your money.
  • Full infrastructure support.
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