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Our advantages

Get the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency

Predictable rate

Your money is converted into coins with a stable rate, which is pegged to the rate of the currency (US dollar), and thus you get a cryptocurrency, but with a stable predictable rate.

Backed by real money

The stability of our coins is ensured by 100% backing with the reserves. Local currencies, loan receivables, and other assets form the basis of our reserve. There is always a real equivalent in national currency for each of our coins: 1 USDR = 1 USD.

Full transparency

We have nothing to hide, so we regularly publish our reserves. Thus you can see that the total value of our reserves always exceeds the number of tokens in use.

The newest blockchain

The system is based on the latest 5th generation blockchain, Relictum PRO. This gives you access to a stable, secure, and fast-acting environment – the perfect basis for your ideas to come true.

Easy conversion

Due to their versatility and wide possibilities, stable coins are becoming more and more popular all over the world. You can easily convert and use them for trading on exchanges.


A decentralized blockchain network can provide the highest possible level of protection for your assets today. Its structure excludes the possibility of a centralized hacker attack.

Digital money for:


  • A new form of payments for clients and partners.
  • Universal money its value is known to everyone.
  • All transactions are carried out as soon as possible, there are no intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions.

Trading exchanges

  • An alternative to traditional methods of depositing / withdrawing funds in the form of a token.
  • Excellent security level thanks to the use of blockchain technology.
  • Easy and fast exchange of funds between exchanges in the shortest possible time.

Individuals and individual traders

  • Any transactions with currencies are quick and easy in real-time.
  • New features of currency arbitrage.
  • Security and protection of your funds are at the highest level.

Start using stable coins and currency on the Blockchain.

Relictum Finance is the your stable cryptocurrency system on the market today.

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